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Big, Fun, Scary Things.

Ahem, so. My last blogging adventure lasted through 33 posts. A new win for me. They were even almost, sort of consecutive, maybe a little. No, I’m not going to continue it now, although one might pop up every once in awhile. But that was last year’s adventure. New year, new adventure.
I have thoughts, lots of them. It gets rather crowded in my head at times. So, while the new year only, what, two weeks behind us? I finally decided on a resolution. I want to write. I want to actually get some of these thoughts out of my head and into the vast world of the internet where they belong.
This may or may not have been inspired by reading The Blogess’s blog all the way through to 2008. (Ok that was a lie, I don’t have that much of an attention span, it was November 2011.) And I think she’s a pretty cool lady, I like her website design, which only made me want to design my own website with my limited html skills. So one thing led to another and now here I am. So we shall see what becomes of this.
Oh! I just came up with a cool name! B+B Books and Bread! Course I’d need a third B, or something nifty. I wouldn’t only write about books and bread. Hmmm…B….
Dictionary.com just informed me that ADHD does not stand for attention deficit disorder. Well no shit, that’s ADD. The H is for hyperactivity. Two similar conditions but still different. Although as someone with ADD I can understand the confusion. Anyway, thesaurus.com was unhelpful in finding me a B word so I will simply wait before unveiling my awesome blog title.
Hmm… Books, Bread, and Brainwork. Or is that just stupid?
Would it be copyright infringement if I called it Bread, Books, and Beyond?

Death - 50 words this time

I walk through the valley with the shadow of death and I do not fear. I hold his hand and stride forward proudly. He smiles at me and I smile back at him. Ahead of me is only darkness but my footsteps do not falter. Death is only the beginning.


I was walking down the street one day when I saw a pebble in my path. Just an ordinary pebble. There wasn't anything different about it. But I stopped.

I crouched down and picked up the pebble. It was a grayish color with a few white specks. I hefted it in my hand. It was as light as a feather. I decided to put it in my pocket and continue on my way.

I walked a little further down the road when I spotted another pebble in my path. Again I stopped. And I dropped the other pebble beside it.

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I just want to run and run. Spread my wings and fly away. To another land, another world. Somewhere far from here where the rules are different and I can finally be free.

Where the grass is still green and the oceans are still blue. Where the sky is still an endless sea of wonder and unknowing.

Where man can be curious and grow and work and live and be happy.

Where people don't have to drink to wash away the pain they try to feel for their best friends who are suffering and you can't do a thing about it.

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The woman ran down the street. Her shoes slapping the ground with several wet thumps. Kicking up the fine film of water that the rain had left behind. Mist collected on her face ad she ran through the fog. But she paid it no mind.
Thoughts and faces ran past her waking mind. She ran faster as if to run away from her own thoughts. She could feel the fatigue creeping along her muscles. She pushed harder but the fatigue only creeped faster.
She began to slow, the thumps of her feet becoming fewer and fewer until finally they stopped.

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Le Sigh

Sigh, vacation put me back a ways, laziness and stress put me back more. Plus the oncoming threat of school starting in just two weeks can’t help any either. I should make up for it, write 400 words or something. Or work on the unnamed story. Or on my vector owl. Or my grandmas blanket. Shit, I really didn’t do anything all summer did I? Damn I feel lazy, Cory’s worked all summer long at both his job and his senior project. Me? Zip. Zero. Zilch. Just like last summer. Monday I am going to buckle down and work, damnit!


Ah, to what I wonder hmmm? Shall I wonder about the stars in the sky? The grass chewed by cows? Not that that would be terribly interesting, but it is something to wonder.
I wonder about a great many things daily, here would be the perfect spot to use a line from the Walrus' speech from Alice in Wonderland, but alas, I do not know it.

To wonder, to ponder, to think aloud and upside down. To question and quiz to get strange looks from people.
To wonder is to heighten and think above clouds. Just be careful getting down.

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Untitled Story

“I know they call you Loki’s children but I’ve always thought of you as mine as well.” Silent tears fell from his cheeks and onto Hel’s hair. She squeezed him tightly. She would miss him. He pushed her away. “Now then, you should be going. I’ll hold them off searching for you for as long as I can, now just go.”
“Goodbye Dr. Jennings.” She could feel tears forming, but she brushed them away. It wasn’t the time for tears.
“Please, my name is Jon.”
“Good bye Jon.”
“Goodbye Sophie.” She smiled then and turned and walked out the door.

Untitled Story

“Damnit!!” Fenrir yelled as Jor threw him to the mat for the fourth time that day. “Why do you keep doing that?”
“Because you keep losing.” Jor said laughing. “Try wining once in awhile and you can throw me to the mat.
“Fenrir was never thrown to the mat by anyone, except Hel of course.” Laughed Narfi from where he was watching on the sidelines.
“Well I’m sorry I’m not as good as the other Fenrir.” He was tired of them comparing him to the original Fenrir.
“You’re not a wolf yet are you? You’re just a puppy!” laughed Nari.

Story Writing

No story writing today. But I’ve still worked through some stuff in my head, sorta. I should spend more time on it. What I would like to do is go out to starbucks early in the morning, drink a latte and some Greek yogurt and write in my notebook. Sounds kinda corny and stupid, but it makes me feel like a real writer, sorta. I guess that’s just stupid. I wonder if I’ll use this one for nano this year. I should work on The Guardian but I’ve decided I no longer like my main. Not that Hel is different.



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Sometimes I wonder why I make this journal at all. I'm only going to post in it a few times before abandoning it for a couple of months before coming back and starting the cycle all over again. And it's not like anyone reads it anyway. So why am I even writing this? I feel so emo right now...
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